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Pigs are the main enemy in the popular Angry Birds series who live solely for the purpose of stealing the Angry Birds' eggs. There are many of these green, sly pigs in the series. Such as the King Pig, Mustache Pig, Helmet Pig and the small, medium and large generic Pigs. From the level, The Big Setup and up, you will notice the pigs wear many different accessories such as: Helmets and Hard Hats, Pumpkin Hats, Pumpkins, ghost sheets, Winter Gear, Holiday hats, Cowboy hats, Sombreros, and Bows.


All the pigs lined up.

How to Destroy Edit

These pigs can be destroyed on impact by an Angry Bird. Although, Helmet Pigs and other large pigs need a little bit more force to be completely destroyed.

Appearances Edit

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