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Clash of Clans (Abbreviated CoC) is a freemium strategy MMOG created by Finnish game company Supercell. Unlike most apps, it is exclusively for iOS, and there are no plans to expand to any other platforms. Players can join a clan, which consists of up to 50 real life people.



A variation of a Town Hall 8 village.

The game is played by creating a village, which consists of a Town Hall, defensive buildings, walls, resource buildings and troop buildings. In order to upgrade these buildings, one must either attack a single player NPC village for a small amount of resources, or attack a randomly chosen village created by other players. The loot in the NPC villages is set, while it is not on multiplayer.


Clans are groups of up to 50 people who come together to chat and donate troops. There are at least 500,000 clans worldwide. In a clan, you can ask for or donate troops, which you can use to then attack in multiplayer.


When attacking, the attacker tries to get three stars. The first star is earned when 50% of the village is destroyed, the second when the Town Hall is destroyed and the third when the entire village is destroyed. If stars are earned, the attacker gets trophies (1 star: 1/3 of the trophies 2 stars: 2/3 of the trophies 3 stars: 3/3 of the trophies), but if the attacker does not get stars, they lose a set amount of trophies.


Shields are in-game objects that remove your village from the matchmaking algorithm for a set amount of time. If your Town Hall falls, or the attacker gets at least 40% damage, you get a free shield. (Shields can also be purchased with Gems, see resources section below) If your Town Hall falls (or if the attacker gets 40% destruction, whichever comes first), you get a 12 hour shield. If the attacker gets 40% damage (or if your Town Hall falls, whichever comes second), that shield gets 2 hours added to it. If the entire village gets destroyed, the 14 hour shield gets another 2 hours added to it, a total of 16 hours.

Village BuildingsEdit

Buildings are the basis of Clash of Clans. All of them are fully movable and upgradable. Some buildings, like the Cannon, have 12 levels, though the Inferno Tower, only has 2.

Town HallEdit

The Town Hall is the most important building of all. If this one falls, you lose trophies, but get a 12 hour shield.



The basic defense. It fires a cannonball every second.

Archer TowerEdit

A castle turret with female archers on the roof. It fires an arrow every second.


A metal cylinder with gold rings around it. It fires a large stone every five seconds, which does large amounts of splash damage to every troop in a small radius.


Traps are small defenses that are invisible until the attacker's troops are within its radius. They are one-time use, and must be purchased with gold.

Hidden TeslaEdit

A hidden electrical conductor that springs out of trapdoors when the enemy gets too close. It fires a bolt of electricity every second.

Wizard TowerEdit

A mountain of stone with a wizard on top. It fire splash lightning every two seconds.


A giant crossbow. It rapidly fires arrows every 0.03 seconds. You have to reload it with elixir.

Inferno TowerEdit

A smaller mountain with a laser on top. It fires a continuous beam of fire that intensifies every 0.03 seconds. It has to be reloaded with dark elixir.


Resources (Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems) are the currency of the game. They are used as ways to upgrade buildings and train troops and spells.


Elixir is the least valuable resource, as it isn't used to upgrade many things. Its icon is a purple liquid droplet. The player can hold 8,000,000 Elixir in all.

Elixir StorageEdit

The Elixir Storage is a spherical glass container where Elixir is kept. The player can have up to 4 in all.

Elixir PumpEdit

The Elixir Pump is a cylinder pump that creates Elixir from never-ending Ley Lines. A player can have up to 7 of these.


Gold is the third most valuable resource, as it is used to upgrade a vast amount more than Elixir. Its icon is a golden coin. The player can have up to 8,000,000 Gold at a time.

Gold StorageEdit

The Gold Storage is a large box with spikes and a padlock. The player can have up to 4 in all.

Gold MineEdit

The Gold Mine draws Gold from never-ending reserves underground. The player can have up to 7 in all.

Dark ElixirEdit

Dark Elixir is the second most valuable resource in the game. A player can have up to 200,000 of it at a time.

Dark Elixir StorageEdit

The Dark Elixir Storage is a large glass box. The icon is a black icon that uses the same design template as the Elixir icon. The player can only have one in all.

Dark Elixir DrillEdit

The Dark Elixir Drill is a large platform with an oversized auger on the underside. The platform has a very small container for Dark Elixir on the top, and is supported by legs on either side. The auger digs into a large hole in the ground. You can have 3 drills in all.


Gems are the most valuable resource in the game. It is an In-App Purchase, and the only free way to obtain them is by getting rid of trees, bushes and rocks. There is no storage for them, and they cannot be stolen by an attacker.

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